Who am I?

Harnessing the power of technology, while addressing business needs, I like to craft transformative solutions that not only impact lives and communities, but also drive business value.

Under my leadership, we established the most active Google developer student community in North America. Others have said this was a testament to my ability to lead and create environments that encourage technological growth and innovation.

I have been fortunate to direct many successful projects. One in particular was a major award-winner, achieved by consistently focusing on final outcomes. Many were not only groundbreaking but also directly enhanced value for stakeholders.

Success, for me, is measured by the tangible results and positive changes achieved while facilitating personal and professional growth for others as well as myself. I highly value transparency, respect, and excellence in output, believing that these elements truly make a difference.

If you believe these qualities can help your organization, I welcome the opportunity to connect with you.

Technologies I love and have most experience in are:
Frontend - React, Flutter
Backend - .NET, NestJS, Node.js/Express
Databases - Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB
Other tech - GCP (Google Cloud), Firebase

P.S. The website name was inspired by Big O notation and the first initial of my name